Graduate Fellows

Aditya Anupam


I am a Ph.D. student in Digital Media at the School of Literature, Media, and Communication at Georgia Tech advised by Dr. Nassim Parvin, Dr. Janet Murray, and Dr. Anne Sullivan. My research is situated at the confluence of science, media, and learning. Specifically, I draw on pragmatist, STS, and feminist scholarship to analyze, design, and develop digital and non-digital learning environments that aim to cultivate in students an understanding of scientific inquiry as a situated practise that is entangled with society.

Yash Lara


Yash is a second-year student in the MS-HCI program. With a background in chemical and biomedical engineering,  industry experience in business analysis and along with his current education in HCI, Yash brings an eclectic skill set to the lab. Yash specializes in user research, UX design and wireframing, web development and project management using Agile. Yash is working with Prof. Nassim Parvin in the Design and Social Interaction Studio. He is also serving as the managing editor for the journal Catalyst: Feminism, Theory, Technoscience.

Kevin Tang


Kevin is a first-year Digital Media Master’s student with a background in computer science and game design. His research interests lie in using virtual and augmented reality to design novel games and experiences for web, mobile, and tabletop spaces. Current projects include developing augmented reality tools for Dungeons & Dragons with Dr. Anne Sullivan and researching interactive narrative theory with Dr. Janet Murray. As a researcher, Kevin is always eager to learn new technologies and theories, and he is passionate about helping others develop their skillsets.

Terra Mae Gasque

Terra is a second-year Digital Media Ph.D. student. She has a background in product development, qualitative services, as well as research and development. In DILAC she specializes in physical computing, AR/VR development, as well as assists on projects involving game design and design philosophy. This academic year (2020-2021) she continues the investigation in database narratives as revealed by Sam Barlow’s Telling Lie. Her research outside DILAC involves investigating interactive narratives that transgress the 4th wall and allow for direct conversation between system and user.

Pooja Casula


Pooja Casula is a first-year Ph.D. student in the Digital Media program working with Dr. Nassim Parvin. Her research interests are at the intersection of technology, law, and politics, specifically understanding how algorithms and policy shape and influence each other. Her current project explores the structure of ‘veiled’ threats of violence made against U.S. Congresswomen online and how technology policy influences how they are moderated.

Pedro M Silva


Pedro is a Ph.D. student in Digital Media. He designs teaches and researches tools that empower storytelling. As a high school teacher, he’s designed and taught classes in game design at Idyllwild Arts Academy. At Georgia Tech, his research explores ways of leveraging the advantages of the digital medium to tell meaningful stories; that work includes dramatically charged gestures in VR, techniques for authoring interactive narratives, second screen apps for orienting viewers in complex TV storyworlds, and interactive fiction and games. He works with Prof. Janet Murray as part of the Prototyping eNarrative Lab. For a list of his most recent projects and publications, please visit his online portfolio.

Ryan Winstead


Ryan is a second-year MS HCI student in the digital media track. Before the program, he worked at an international human rights organization on their digital communications team, focusing on ethnography and increasing public support for human rights activism. Ryan specializes in Unity game development, UX, and web development in social good spaces.