Lab Space

Lab hours, location and reservation

The lab requires Buzzcard access but is generally staffed and available for walk-in visits, brief tours, or questions between 9:30-5 each day with a few exceptions.

We are located in room 318 of Skiles Classroom Building, in a Makerspace built to encourage individual work, discussion, critique, and collaboration. We are staffed for regular business hours and happy to assist you in developing project ideas, using our equipment, or anything else you might need.

The lab is not primarily intended to be used as a classroom, but there may be occasions when a class visit for training or for use of specific hardware or software is needed. To inquire about reserving the lab for a class session, please review the Room Reservation Calendar (login required) and then make your request through our Room Reservation Request Form (login required).

Equipment, Games and Software

We have a wide array of cutting-edge equipment, including:

  • GoPros
  • Arduinos
  • All major VR platforms
  • Plotter for poster printing
  • Large screens for visualization printer
  • Powerful computers for high-level digital work 3D printers

Check out our Full list of equipment

Games and Software

  • Accounting
  • Beat Saber
  • Blocks
  • Desert Bus VR
  • Gone Home
  • Google Earth VR
  • Kingspray Graffiti
  • LookVR
  • Luna
  • Rec Room
  • SoundStage
  • Tacoma
  • The Cable Centre- Virtual Archive
  • The Lab
  • The VR Museum of Fine Art
  • Thumper
  • Tilt Brush
  • Unity
  • Walden
  • Waltz of the Wizard
  • Windlands

In most cases, the hardware is intended to stay within the lab, but in some cases, it will be necessary to loan equipment on a short-term basis for use outside the lab. To inquire about borrowing specific equipment from the lab, please first consult the Equipment Loan Calendar (login required) and then make your request through our Equipment Loan Request Form (login required).

Please note that the large printer is only available to students in courses affiliated with the lab and Digital Media and HCI DM track students.

General Questions

For general questions about the lab, arranging a time to talk with someone about how to use equipment or software, arranging a consultation about potential projects, etc please send email to

Mailing List

If you would like to sign up to receive periodic notification of upcoming events or activities, please subscribe to our public mailing list. To do that, either:

  • Select the following link:  -or-

  • Send an email to with the subject line "subscribe iac-dilac-public" (without quotes)

For IT support issues (malfunctioning equipment or software) please send email to the usual IAC IT help address