Welcome to the Digital Integrative Liberal Arts Center

The Digital Integrative Liberal Arts Center (DILAC) promotes new forms of humanistic inquiry through practices of design. Through interdisciplinary projects in research, teaching, and community engagement, we are exploring how emerging forms of digital media and applied digital scholarship can be used to construct arguments, create artefacts, and prototype systems that address the reconfiguration of knowledge and social structures in the digital age.

With the assistance from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation grant, DILAC provides annual funding for faculty-led projects in digital humanities and digital civics. The faculty-led Steering Committee, the Lab Coordinator, and the Graduate Fellows provide support for classroom, studio-based learning, and project development. Our current and past projects can be found in our project repository.


Apr. 18, Monday - 3D Character Rigging at 10:00 am

Apr. 27, Wednesday - DILAC Virtual Showcase from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm



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What is the metaverse and why is Facebook so obsessed with it?
Dr. Janet Murray featured on BBC's The Inquiry talking about the Metaverse.


What will the world look like when you can be whoever you want to be in the metaverse? 
Dr. Janet Murray voiced her concerns on virtuality in this piece from the Washington Post

Man surrounded by digital screens

Cryptocurrencies will be as useless in the metaverse as they are now
Dr. Janet Murray on the vague fantasy at the base of Metaverse