News: Carl DiSalvo Awarded Grant to Construct and Archive Environmental Data

Posted January 26, 2017

Carl DiSalvo has been awarded a grant with Ellen Zegura and Amanda Meng that will support digital civics efforts. The title of the project is "Developing a Robust Archive of Environmental Data to Support Smart Cities Initiatives," and through the project they will construct and archive environmental data by accessing archival materials and working with community residents to collect contemporary data.

The grant comes from the Institute for People and Technology who just piloted their first Smart & Connected Communities Data Grant program. These pilot grants "provide funding for one semester to further interdisciplinary research within the area of Smart & Connected Communities." The grants support data centric projects that plan to do at least one of the following:

  • Create new forms of smart city data
  • Leverage and making available legacy city data
  • Prototype targeted uses of smart city data

The program will result in new collections of smart city data that can be made available to the Georgia Tech research community and new prototypes for working with that data. In addition to DiSalvo, the following six projects received funding:

Toward Reality-Virtuality Integrated Smart Cities: Understanding Urban Scale Spatial and Temporal Dynamics of Human Interactions Through a Reality Data-Rich Virtual Atlanta
John E. Taylor, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Smart Cities Data Platform Development
Dennis Shelden, School of Architecture

Sensing Traffic Conditions to Model and Predict Rider Stress
Christopher Le Dantec, School of Literature, Media, and Communication
Kari Watkins, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Developing a Robust Archive of Environmental Data to Support Smart Cities Initiatives Amanda Meng, College of Computing
Ellen Zegura, College of Computing
Carl DiSalvo, Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts

Making Legacy Data Available and Accessible for the Smart City
Jennifer Clark, Center for Urban Innovation
Thomas Lodato, Center for Urban Innovation

Wind Speed and Acoustic Activity Extensions to the Tech Climate Network
Matthew Swarts, Center for Geographic Information Systems, IMAGINE Lab, IPDL
Brian Stone, Urban Climate Lab, SCaRP
Noah Posner, Center for Geographic Information Systems, IMAGINE Lab, IPDL

Note: Original story from IPat "Announcing: 2017 Institute for People and Technology Smart & Connected Communities Data Pilot Grants"