Catalyst: A Journal of Feminism, Theory, Technoscience

Catalyst: Feminism, Theory and Technoscience is an open access, peer-reviewed journal for feminist STS scholarship that reroutes the gender, queer, race, colonial, militarized and political economic beings and doings of technoscience.

Through DILAC, we have worked on redesigning the website and webpages, and the pdf and HTML versions of the articles so that they reflect feminist STS values that the journal and DILAC stand for. We have also made the journal more accessible and have rebranded the journal in terms of its color scheme and logo. As compared to earlier, the journal now looks even more visually pleasing than before and is more universally accessible.

Catalyst: Feminism, Theory, and Technoscience serves the expanding interdisciplinary field of feminist science and technology studies (STS) by supporting theoretically inventive and methodologically creative scholarship incorporating approaches from critical public health, disability studies, sci-art, technology and digital media studies, history and philosophy of science and medicine, and more.

Catalyst publishes peer-reviewed critically and theoretically engaged feminist STS scholarship that reroutes the gendered, queer, raced, colonial, militarized, and political economic beings and doings of technoscience. Its mission is to support innovation in feminist STS and related areas of study, as well as to provide a venue for the publishing of activist feminist and critical theory concerning matters of science, technology, information, medicine, media, and more.

A contribution that distinguishes Catalyst from other science studies journals is its emphasis on building, expanding, and applying theoretical insights from across the arts and humanities, the social sciences, and scientific practice. Featuring both empirical and hermeneutic essays and projects anchored in theory, Catalyst offers a place to collectively work across disciplines on gendered subjectivities and the uneven materializations of power across technoscientific assemblages of sex, race, nation, class, and ability.

Our Fall 2019 issue was met with wonderful reviews. We are currently working on our Spring 2020 issue on ‘Chemical Entanglements’ which will be released in May.

We are currently working on adding audio to all our articles to make it more accessible for the visually impaired. Our future endeavors include making a data mining feature to the journal to facilitate more collaborative work between the authors. As always, we hold true to our values and constantly look forward to making the journal a better experience for our viewers.

Do check out our journal website at Catalyst: Feminism, Theory and Technoscience, to take a look at our past issues and our mission and history as a journal!

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Faculty Advisor and Lead Editor: Nassim Parvin

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