Reimagining Virtual Reality

"We are developing an course where students will collaborate on an AR/VR short film that incorporates DepthKit's volumetric filmmaking technologies and Capturing Reality's Photogrammetry 3D software. The film follows a woman reflecting on fragmented events in her life that lead to her closest friend's death. It is an exploration of the ways people experience memories, often reinterpreting and re-envisioning the past. Told from an unreliable narrator's perspective, it also challenges audiences to decipher the fragmented memories and uncover the truth about what happened. The project has three targeted goals:

  1. We intend to discover methods and best practices for crafting an interactive narrative film whose world mixes traditional cinema elements and 3D elements common to video games.

  2. We want to provide unique opportunities for the students involved with the project to prepare them for careers in the AR/VR field.

  3. We want to identify practices that transform and captivate the movie viewing experiences for audiences."

The overarching question that this project seeks to answer is which combination of reality, virtual reality, and 3D animated forms provide the most engaging, interactive experiences for participants?

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John Thornton
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