Reimagining Virtual Reality

Cutting-edge technologies like Unreal Engine, Plask, MoCap Solutions, Generated Photos, and MetaHuman Creator are helping filmmakers render incredibly complex, immersive worlds by combining visual effects, real-time animations, game engines, and A.I. The new wave of filmmaking that uses Unreal Engine as its principal pipeline is known as virtual productions (V.P.s). During the 2021- 2022 Academic year, a team of 30 graduate and undergraduate students collaborated with DILAC on Ireti. This immersive V.R. film follows a woman reflecting on fragmented events in her life that led to her closest friend's death. It combines V.R., animation, and live-action storytelling elements to challenge its audience to decipher the fragmented memories and uncover the truth about what happened to the story's protagonist.

The film is currently in post-production and will release in August 2022. Click the links below to view the movie trailer or behind-the-scenes mini-documentary.

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