Open Data Comics: A Teaching Toolkit

Open Data Comics is a novel form of sequential art that draws from traditions of both data visualization and reflective narrative. The Open Data Comics toolkit will introduce creatively oriented liberal arts students to data exploration, through expressive illustrations of the connections and disjunctions between public data sources and their own personal experiences. Open Data Comics will focus initially on spatial data related to environmental issues, such as water quality and land use. The proposed toolkit will enable students to create web-based and data-driven stories for the humanistic goal of critical reflection on data. Open Data Comics will create a much-needed critical and creative introduction to data for students at the college level, and perhaps earlier. However, beyond its pedagogical value, the Open Data Comics toolkit will be part of a broader research inquiry into what "open" can mean in relation to data, beyond legal or technical availability. This research approaches “openness” as a creative practice, rooted in a history of experimental media art that has long explored the limits of scientific and technical knowledge. The proposed toolkit will stimulate students to explore data with an openness towards fundamental questions, such as: what counts as data? what can data look like? who can use data, and to what ends?

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Yanni Loukissas
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