21st Century Global Atlanta

"21st Century Word Cloud"This project brings together students of diverse backgrounds and disciplines to tell the story of Atlanta as a global city, and to increase access to global citizenship at Georgia Tech and nationally. It documents and connects with the individuals and communities that are transforming Atlanta into a global metropolis, such as heritage and immigrant communities, foreign-born residents in a variety of professional fields, and thought leaders engaged in the global community. The project documents their everyday contributions and journeys through podcast, documentary film, digital archives, writing, and research presentations, all of which will be available on the project website that is under development.



Project Year
Project Leads
Sebnem Ozkan
Anna Westerstahl Stenport
Jenny Strakovsky
Yayun Huang
John Peter Jajeh
Annie Lynn
Carolina Lynn Mauersberg
Leighton Michele Rowell
Oriana Indira Valencia
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