GT TAP: A Technical Arts Practicum at Georgia Tech

Local art groups and artists will provide Georgia Tech undergraduate students with an outlet for exploring their technical work in a more expressive and representational field – especially for students in fields related to digital media, design, and computing – with humanistic perspectives of the work being integrated into their practice. We call this collaboration between courses offered in LMC by Dr. Brian Magerko and local arts organizations GT TAP: the Georgia Tech Technical Arts Practicum.The theme for TAP projects this year is Technology and Joy. Through our exploration this fall, the class has broken up the theme into three distinct subthemes: the subjective experience of joy, the narrative surrounding our memories and experiences of joy, and the dual nature of joy and how it is best defined relative to its opposite (misery).  Projects coming out of this collaboration will be computational media artifacts and/or performances that will be showcased at the Eyedrum Music & Art Center in late spring, 2017.

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