Digital Archive of Korean Culture and Media

This project involves creating a digital archive of Korean media, with the aim of supporting Korean culture and media studies and relevant course teachings.The Korean language represents the most-spoken language in Georgia with the exception of English and Spanish (Demographics of Georgia, 2010), and a new undergraduate Korean program was established in Georgia Tech last year. The Korean program offers new content courses related to Korean culture, created in response to the growing interest in Korean studies and the global impact of the Korean Wave (Hallyu; this term refers to the phenomenal popularity of Korean culture, including K-pop, drama, movies, entertainments, cuisine, and beauty). However, given that the field of Korean culture and media at Georgia Tech is a relatively new initiative, the necessary resources are extremely limited. A digital archive with various formats of media connected with Korean cultures will provide meaningful and practical resources to researchers, students, and instructors. In the current project, various media resources with sorted cultural topics will be provided.

This digital library will enrich not only cultural studies and teaching but also Korean language and other content courses at all levels. Cultures are closely entwined with language, history, literature, and society, and the availability of this intercultural media resource will afford valuable insights and conversation to all campus communities both within and beyond the Korean community.

Publications, Exhibitions, Other Products

1. Book:  Media, Culture, and Debate in Korean. Routledge. 2021.
2. Journal article:  Exploring media curation and sociocultural competence in asynchronous language course. The Korean Language in America, 24(2), 85-96. 2021.

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Seung-Eun Chang
Ye Jun Kim
Samuel Weiss-Cowie
Philip Glover
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